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At Your Request is passionate about offering New Zealand the best cleaning services. Our approach to cleaning may be thoroughly modern, but at the heart of At Your Request you’ll find values of honesty, integrity and fairness.

A regular, scheduled cleaning service is the most efficient way of maintaining your workplace. Whether you need attention on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we can tailor a programme to suit. We start by making a full assessment, and will then recommend a schedule, based on the size, foottraffic and nature of your workspace. In this way we can help manage costs, while providing a complete and hygienic clean.

Carpets and upholstered surfaces are magnets for pollutants, dust and other allergens that can compromise the health and well being of your workplace. Regular deep cleaning not only maintains appearances and extends the life of your carpet and furniture, but also promotes better hygiene and air quality; an environmental outcome that may result in fewer sick days from employees.

Windows are often the first thing that visitors notice when entering your commercial premises—with first impressions being all important, why not let At Your Request ensure that you always make a good one? Our team of window cleaning specialists can clean inside and out and to any height. We use high-performance, best quality products to leave your window surfaces clear and ready to impress.

Whether they’re vinyl, wood, tiles or concrete, we can strip, polish and buff your floors to a finish that will have them looking as good as new. We use high performance, professional equipment and quality products to give you a premium, durable result. You can also ask our team about floor scrubbing, water blasting for exterior surfaces, and safe mould removal, both inside and out.

We have adopted the latest in cleaning tech and products. As a result we incorporate environmentally friendly, high – performance cleaning chemicals, tools and techniques. We’re on top of all new developments — so we can provide you with the most effective and environmentally kind service.

GreenEarth Cleaning Solutions are the most powerful and effective cleaning products derived from nature. They are proven environmentally better by carrying the seal of the government backed Environmental Choice New Zealand. There is no better cleaning solution for our planet, your family, and your clients. GreenEarth products will give you a cleaner, greener workplace, while helping to work toward a cleaner, greener world.

We work with leading industry suppliers to provide quality hygiene solutions. We supply bulk consumables such as toilet paper and paper hand towels, and can also provide and install odour control units, urinal hygiene systems, Sani Pods, hand dryers and dispensers for sanitising sprays and soaps. Because At Your Request is one of the country’s largest commercial cleaning companies, we are able to negotiate the best prices from our suppliers on a wide range of consumable items. As a customer you gain access to specialist products and bulk sizes that are not available to the public. Your sales consultant will provide a full list of consumables, so you can select those best suited to your requirements and budget.

Customer Care

Our team is passionate about providing you with the best and most efficient service, and this dedication to customer satisfaction is backed up by our industry leading Customer Care programme.

We offer a number of userfriendly communication platforms, from our electronic Customer Communication system, to our popular Communication Book and 24/7 Free Customer Care line.

We also run an online customer care communication system that puts you in direct contact with our franchisees and supervisors, allowing for clear and easy communication.

New customers who sign up for At Your Request’s services are assigned Key Account and Operations Managers, this is your personal team who will work with you to create a cleaning plan. Managers act as your first point of contact in ensuring the work is carried out to your specifications.

Customer Portal

Our team is determined to provide the best service we can give to our clients. And how do we achieve that? By putting a value on what you prefer as our clients and keeping an open line of communication with you through our customer portal.

We acknowledge that each customer is unique and has their own set of needs and demands. The portal allows customization which enables customers to get their information up to date, change or update requests. It also collects and recognizes information that can be useful in future transactions.

We place a high value on integrity and building strong, long-term relationships with customers. This is why transparency on invoices is also made possible through the portal making it easy for us to process payments on time.

We minimize miscommunication and having to go on a long process through online ordering using the portal. Clear communication means accurate and on-time delivery of service. And this is exactly what we want for our customers.

The portal makes the human touch factor possible as customers are treated with empathy, courtesy, and respect. We provide a venue for customers to be heard and responded to via email messages. Customer feedback makes it possible for us to keep on improving our services.

An exclusive part of At Your Request’s Customer Care is our One Step Ahead programme, which has been designed to address your individual requirements. Our convenient and easy to use customer feedback system encourages you to provide regular feedback on your cleaning service. Should there be a concern or a need to change cleaning specifications, your At Your Request management team will respond to this need quickly, and work with your cleaning franchisees to find personalised solutions to suit. Their approach is a proactive one, and includes regular onsite quality checks as well as undertaking electronic quality audits, which are stored on our system and will be sent to you for your records.

If for any reason you are unhappy with any aspect of your service, or encounter any issues, your personal Operations Manager will visit the job and resolve the problem quickly, efficiently and without disruption to your daily business operations. We stand behind our commitment to customer care, and if you are still unsatisfied we will happily refund your money.

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