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The best thing about being part of the At Your Request group is that you will never feel alone and there is always someone there to help!

Franchisee Training

Our training programme is comprehensive and hands-on. We customise training to your specific needs and ensure you have learned and practised every aspect of the system.

You start with an initial training course lasting up to four weeks. This covers business management, computer training and customer care – as well as tips, guidelines and special touches that will set your business apart.

After your initial training, your regional franchisee will work with you to keep you up to speed with new developments. Your training programme is monitored through our customised computer management system – so you can be assured that you are trained to the highest standard.

Here’s what you can expect during your initial training period:

  • On-the-job training
  • Business Management Training
  • Computer Training
  • Customer Care
  • System and Manual
  • Requirements
  • Tips and Guidelines
  • Final “Refresher”

How We'll
Support You

Sharing Knowledge

The structure of the At Your Request franchise system requires all franchisees to share knowledge at every level. For example, the National Franchisee shares its knowledge with regional franchisees; regional franchisees share their knowledge with franchisees; franchisees share their knowledge of equipment and customer preferences with regional franchisees and other fellow franchisees. Regular group meetings are held to bring franchisees together. Items on the agenda might include equipment, new services, special offers and customer management. As well as being educational, these meetings are friendly social events. National and Regional Franchisees have an ‘open door’ policy – franchisees can telephone, email or visit whenever they need personalised advice.

Superior Technology

We believe that technology can help us work more efficiently and therefore more successfully. We stay in touch with each other via cellphone and text message, and have worked very closely with our software developers to create a custom¬-built system that is both comprehensive and easy to use.

Technology may seem daunting at first, but it is a simple system that makes our business more efficient. For franchisees, this system will display everything you need to know about your business. From customer details to creating invoices, communicating with your regional franchisee to tracking what jobs you have today (even what equipment you need), it’s all there at a click of a button.

For regional franchisees this system makes managing and communicating with multiple franchisees and hundreds of customers a whole lot easier.

One Step Ahead Program

An exclusive part of At Your Request’s customer care is our One Step Ahead programme, which has been designed to address your customer’s requirements. Our easy-to-use customer feedback system encourages customers to provide regular feedback. At Your Request responds to any changes or concerns quickly, and works with the franchisee owner to find personalised solutions to suit. The approach is a proactive one, and includes regular onsite quality checks as well as undertaking electronic quality audits.

Customer Care Innovation

We offer a number of user-friendly communication platforms, from our electronic customer communication system, to our popular communication book and 24/7 free customer care line. We also run an online customer care communication system that puts you in direct contact with our franchisees and supervisors, allowing for clear and easy communication. New customers who sign up for At Your Request’s services are assigned key account and operations managers: this is your personal team who will work with you to create a cleaning plan.

Customer Care

The best way to keep and satisfy a customer is to respond to them quickly and professionally. We achieve this through having: A 24/7 call centre with professional telephone operators to provide customers and potential customers with the best level of customer care possible; Regional Franchisees doing the quoting for jobs and the follow up sales; Regular customer contact whether through the use of our communications books, customer satisfaction surveys or onsite quality checks;

Brand Promotion

The heart of our business is the At Your Request brand. Our brand sets us apart from the competition,identifies us to our customers and feeds our success. To boost brand exposure in the market place, At Your Request utilises the expertise of the professionals in the branding and advertising industry. We are always open to promotional ideas and suggestions from our franchisees. From uniforms, vehicle signage and presentation, printed materials to public relations and media exposure, our brand communicates that At Your Request is a premium service company. To establish and maintain our position at the top end of the market, there are set brand standards that we must all adhere to. They include the correct use of brand colours, logo and imagery.

Uniforms and Vehicles

To enjoy what you do, you need to be proud about what you do – and so do your customers. Uniforms and vehicle signage are two of the easiest ways to achieve this. Our uniforms have been selected for comfort and practicality. Our uniform fabrics are hard wearing and easy to care for. Our vehicle signage has been designed to convey our values of trust, integrity and excellence. We maintain a high standard, with regular checks on all At Your Request vehicles. Over the years, all this effort has resulted in a brand that everyone is proud of and has garnered hundreds of new customers.

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