How it works

At Your Request franchises fall into two levels: Local Franchisees and Regional Franchisees. Each has a defined role, to ensure the continued support and growth of the At Your Request brand and everyone involved in the business.

Local Franchisees are the owner operators of their own businesses. They provide the cleaning and lawn mowing services that form the heart of At Your Request. Their income is generated from the tasks they perform for customers in their territory. The ideal Local Franchisee candidate will have the ambition to work willingly, professionally and responsibly, with a commitment to the principles we value – trust, integrity and excellence.

Regional franchisees develop the At Your Request service in their territory: their income is generated by the sale and royalties from local franchises.

Their role is to train local franchisees and then provide them with a guaranteed level of work, customer lists and advertising support. They also provide advice about business management, customer relationships and service.

You don’t need franchising experience, but you do need business experience, capital and an entrepreneurial spirit – not to mention commitment to our principles of trust, integrity and excellence.

It is the role of the National Franchisee to develop At Your Request by establishing the brand and training systems, and by selling Regional Franchises. The National Franchisee has the support and assistance of At Your Request Franchise Group Limited and its management team. The National Franchisee’s income is generated from the sale of Regional Franchises, royalty fees received from those Regional Franchisees and the brand fees from every Local Franchisee

“Each of our team of franchisees have made an investment in their business and appreciate that you have options—you can choose At Your Request, or take your own business elsewhere. Because of this they truly value each and every client.

When you choose At Your Request you can expect friendly, expertly trained professionals who perform their work with an unstoppable determination to achieve the highest possible standards. Giving you every reason to become a loyal client."

Why Franchise

A Generous Weekly Work Guarantee

Local Franchisees are provided with jobs from day one to reach their guaranteed level of work. This will continue to be the case for the first 10 years of their 30 year franchise contract.

Choose Your Level

You will find our guarantee one of the best in the industry: we don’t just guarantee to replace work: we also guarantee to pay out on any shortfall. It is the longest guarantee in the market.

There are different levels of guarantee available, from part-time to full- time franchises, starting from $10,000 to $300,000 per year. The amount you purchase depends on your financial needs and your time.

You can purchase a higher guarantee level at any time, and we have numerous franchisees who have done this. Franchisees have also taken on extra staff or family members to help.

Comprehensive Support

The three-tiered structure of the At Your Request Franchise Group means that you get local ‘hands on’ support from your Regional Franchisee. Your Regional Franchisee runs you through a comprehensive training programme where you’ll learn how to be effective and efficient in every aspect of your business. Once your business is in full swing, your Regional Franchisee will continue to keep an eye on you and will be there to help you keep things running smoothly.

Franchise Support

The best thing about being part of the At Your Request group is that you will never feel alone and there is always someone there to help!

The secret lies with your Regional Franchisees. They are there to help and support you whether it is dealing with a customer, doing more training, or requesting more work – your Regional Franchisee is just a call away.

Customer Care

Our team is passionate about providing you with the best and most efficient service, and this dedication to customer satisfaction is backed up by our industry leading Customer Care programme.

We offer a number of userfriendly communication platforms, from our electronic Customer Communication system, to our popular Communication Book and 24/7 Free Customer Care line.

We also run an online customer care communication system that puts you in direct contact with our franchisees and supervisors, allowing for clear and easy communication.

New customers who sign up for At Your Request’s services are assigned Key Account and Operations Managers, this is your personal team who will work with you to create a cleaning plan. Managers act as your first point of contact in ensuring the work is carried out to your specifications.

Here’s what you can expect during your initial training period:

  • On-the-job training
  • Business Management Training
  • Computer Training
  • Customer Care
  • System and Manual
  • Requirements
  • Tips and Guidelines
  • Final “Refresher”

Superior Technology

Technology can help us work more efficiently and more successfully. We stay in touch with each other via cellphone and text message, and have worked very closely with our software developers to create a custom-built system that is both comprehensive and easy to use.

Technology may seem daunting at first, but it is a simple system that makes our business more efficient. For franchisees, this system will display everything you need to know about your business. From customer details to creating invoices, communicating with your regional franchisee to tracking what jobs you have today (even what equipment you need), it’s all there at a click of a button.

For regional franchisees this system makes managing and communicating with multiple franchisees and hundreds of customers a whole lot easier.

Customer Care

The best way to keep and satisfy a customer is to respond to them quickly and professionally. We achieve this through having:


A 24/7 call centre with professional telephone operators to provide customers and potential customers with the best level of customer care possible.


Regional Franchisees doing the quoting for jobs and the follow up sales. books, customer satisfaction surveys or onsite quality checks.


Regular customer contact whether through the use of our communications books, customer satisfaction surveys or onsite quality checks.


To enjoy what you do we feel you need to be proud about what you do. We consistently get feedback from our franchisees about how the At Your Request uniforms and vehicle signage makes them feel about their business and what they do. Not only does it boost the franchisees’ self- esteem but it also makes the customer take notice and feel confident that they are getting a premium service that they will recommend to their friends and colleagues.

Our uniforms have been selected for comfort and practicality. We have sourced the most suitable uniform fabric which is stain, sweat and fade resistant as well as easy to care for.


Our vehicle signage has been professionally designed to convey our values of trust, integrity and excellence. Coupled with the signage is the standard of the vehicle. It is a waste of time and money to apply eye catching sign writing on an old or damaged vehicle so we maintain a high standard with regular checks on all At Your Request vehicles.

Over the years, all this effort has resulted in a brand that everyone is proud of and has garnered hundreds of new customers.

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