The best thing about being part of the At Your Request group is that you will never feel alone and there is always someone there to help!

How much does it cost?

Prices vary between and regions as well as the level of weekly work guarantee you require.

What is the weekly work guarantee?

The weekly work guarantee is a promise of work. If you purchase a guarantee of $1,000 a week, that’s how much work you can expect your regional franchisee to supply.

How long does my work guarantee last?

Your work guarantee applies for up to 10 years. After that we operate a “reasonable endeavour” policy – this means we will continue to do our best to keep work flowing or replace your work.

How much training is involved?

As a new franchisee you can expect up to five weeks training, depending on the service, area and your skill level, covering everything from business management to equipment maintenance and most importantly ‘on the job’ training.

What if I change my mind?

In the franchise agreement there is a maximum 14 day cooling off period after the signing of the agreement during which you can back out.

What equipment comes with the franchise?

Before you start you will purchase from us a starter pack which includes a full set of uniforms, all the equipment you’ll need to perform the basic services and a full range of essential products.

How big is my franchise territory?

More than big enough! Your territory will include a large number of sites to keep you busy for as long as you want.

Who does the job quoting?

Job quoting is handled by the Regional Franchisee in your area. Not only does this save you time (which effectively saves you money), it ensures that pricing is consistent across all franchisees. Your Regional Franchisee is trained and experienced in providing accurate quotations and to seal the deal. However, once you become more experienced and confident with what you are doing, you are welcome to quote your own work, if you want.

What if I think a quotation is wrong?

You can discuss the quote with the regional franchisee and we will review it.

Can I generate my own work?

Most certainly you can! The sign writing on your vehicle will attract plenty of attention and bring customers to you. You’ll also get word­ of ­mouth referrals from happy customers. Your Regional Franchisee will also have advertising material available for you to purchase. But, remember, if you need help simply talk to your Regional Franchisee.

Who does the customer pay?

Customers can pay by cash, cheque or internet banking. Some regional franchisees also have credit card facilities available for you to use.
Regional franchisees collect payment direct from the customer and pay you on the 28th of the following month. This has been very successful for our franchisees, as they don’t have to worry about approaching their customers for money – they leave that to their regional franchisees who are better equipped to collect from business customers.

What about the other franchisees?

The franchise agreement has been created to ensure that all aspects of the franchise system are abided by both parties. Brand protection is of principal importance to any business and the success of both parties relies on our respective performance in business practices. These have been addressed for everyone’s peace of mind.

What if I get sick or want to take a holiday?

Your Regional Franchisee will help you to find a solution. This is one of the biggest advantages of joining At Your Request is that we work together to provide for situations such as these. Remember, whenever you have a question about anything to do with work, talk to your Regional Franchisee..

Do I have to use a computer?

Don’t worry, we’ll give you all the training you need. We have developed easy­ to ­use software that will soon have you using the computer with confidence. Our software is designed to save you time and money, enhance your efficiency and support the highest levels of customer service.

What type and age of vehicle do I need?

For commercial cleaning services we generally insist on white small station wagons or hatchback cars that are no older than five years at time of purchase. We have a list of approved makes and models. As with everything, if there are special circumstances we are flexible and will consider options that suit your situation.

Can I sell my business?

Yes! Just talk to your Regional Franchisee. They may even be able to help. Any purchaser must be vetted and approved by the Regional Franchisee who has to give their consent. There is also a royalty which is payable to your Regional Franchise.

How long is the franchise contract?

The franchise contract is for 30 years with renewals every two to three years throughout that term depending on the service.

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