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Who we are

At Your Request is passionate about offering New Zealand the best cleaning services. Our approach to cleaning may be thoroughly modern, but at the heart of At Your Request you’ll find values of honesty, integrity and fairness.

Our Story

At Your Request is the brainchild of Adrian Kenny, a New Zealand entrepreneur who has gained an unsurpassed knowledge of the home and commercial service business.

With Hindsight,
Comes Insight.

“It’s not often you’re able to apply the insight that comes with hindsight, which is what makes At Your Request such an extraordinary opportunity. In 1991 I founded the largest franchise system in New Zealand, then steered it successfully through challenging economic times for a total of twelve years. Now I’m applying my experience and knowledge to At Your Request, a home and commercial services franchise system that aims to own the top end of the market. Nothing has been left to chance with At Your Request. Not only do I know the nuts and bolts of this type of enterprise, I know about the finishing touches that will separate At Your Request from its competitors.”

More Like a Family than a Corporation

Adrian Kenny’s career in the home and commercial services industry began when the 1987 share market crash abruptly ended his apparel business and landed him in the lawn mowing sector.

“With a young family to support, I began to mow lawns. The rest, as they say is history. It’s a classic ‘rags to riches’ story, but it was done for all the right reasons –

To support my family and the families of my franchisees.”

With At Your Request, we have a dynamic system that provides a direct link between effort and reward. Like a family, we’re here to support each other so that dreams can be achieved in a way that still leaves time for living.

Our Philosophy

Long-Term Partnership

We believe that caring for our customers, franchisees, and employees through excellent service and by supporting their dreams will not only help us gain their loyalty but create a long-term partnership with them.


We believe that our clients deserve the most excellent cleaning service for their homes and workplaces. Using the latest in cleaning products and technology, clients can be assured that we will render our service in the safest and most efficient way.

Human Touch

We believe that customers need to be treated with respect. We practice our values of honesty, integrity, and fairness as we service them. We highly value transparency, customer preference, and feedback as important tools to keep us improving as a company.

Our Values


As representatives of New Zealand’s premium cleaning service, our franchisees are security checked and highly trained. We deliver a service you can trust.


Consistency is key. We carry out every request—big or small—with the same high standards of detail, care and expertise.


Together, we work with you to determine the best value option for your specific requirements, so you can feel justified in choosing our service.

Our Team

Your personal Key Account Manager is your goto contact for any needs you may have that concern your specific cleaning programme and job requirements. Your Key Account Manager will be in open communication with you and your Operations Manager so you’re always kept informed. They will undertake regular quality audits to ensure your site is always kept to At Your Request’s premium quality standard.

The role of your Operations Manager is to ensure that your site is cleaned correctly and to a consistently high finish. Your Operations Manager will maintain your regular job specifications, as well as inspect your site to determine any periodic work needed, such as floor stripping, carpet shampooing or the cleaning of light fixtures. Operations Managers are also responsible for training and reviewing our franchisees.

As the ones who carry out our high standard cleaning, franchise operators are an integral and trusted part of the team. Your Franchise Operator is fully trained in using At Your Request’s products and equipment, and in adhering to Health Safety regulations and best practice standards. Our franchise operators each own their own business, so have a vested interest in delivering a quality service.

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